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Commander Janette Arencibia – Operation Gratitude Eagle’s Hero Of The Day

Larry Miller – Operation Gratitude Eagle’s Hero Of The Day
July 8, 2018

Commander Janette Arencibia – Operation Gratitude Eagle’s Hero Of The Day

Janette’s Great Friend Susan McGowan shares this about her Hero

My Hero…… Janette Arencibia is one of those people who traverses an eclectic and diverse life experience bringing lots of intellect, wit, insight, humor and compassion (her true gifts) to those she connects with. It’s not that Janette is insulated from bad things… She sees the glass as more than half full and wears the catcher’s mitt in life more than most people I know. Her thoughtfulness is always evident in the way she has follow through. Whether a work-related project, social commitment, or a sick friend … If you’re on Janette’s list, you can bet it will be attended to! Strength of character and humility are always evident making her a huge people magnet :-). As a very private person when it comes to her accomplishments, she chooses not to boast about the way she cultivates success.

One of the best people I know at what I call sticktuitiveness and self-improvement, Janette is amazing at actualizing her full potential. As a military officer and “natural” leader, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, teacher, coach, mentor, and wonderful friend she is indispensable to so many hearts and lives. As a woman with compassion for all living things her altruism is evident in her caring for others while respecting, simultaneously, the loving warrior spirit in herself. Some state that there are those who are “born” to lead… Janette’s spirit lends itself to this statement though I add that I believe Janette’s true strength as a leader comes from her constant introspective process. I admire her critical self-work and her ability to share her learning and growth with those lives she touches. Her actions show how she cares about people whether they’re leaders in the middle east that she is tasked to work with, a fellow marathoner running a foot race, or her family who counts on her endless love and support. Janette builds people up. She demonstrates respect. She listens with the intent to acknowledge and make you feel understood. She loves as unconditionally as humanly possible and reserves judgment while offering gentle guidance. Janette has made many personal sacrifices, like others serving our great country. Those talents cultivated as a Lt. Commander in the Navy help make America safer. Her serving overseas assists in our global fight against terror and keeping others in the service as safe and secure as possible. With that weight of that sacrifice I believe Janette lives in the NOW. Her sense of presence is contagious!

People may forget certain events or details in life but they never forget the way you made them feel. Janette makes people feel good. She raises you up and applauds your efforts. She witnesses and celebrates life. I celebrate Janette, with an enormous of amount of gratitude, for all the contributions she makes to our world, as a military leader, a dedicated family person, and a very thoughtful friend.

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