Operation Protect and Serve is a unique, personalized and tangible way for you to show your Gratitude and Appreciation to All the men and women, Police Officers, Firefighters, First Responders, Doctors and Nurses serving Our Great Nation, and it is a “Call To Action” to personally Thank them for all that they do, because they are proudly serving Our Great Nation too.

Operation Protect and Serve provides you with a Gratitude Eagle Hero Package that is personalized to you and your Protect and Serve Hero that goes far beyond a simple Thank You; it provides you with the opportunity to create a forever memory that shows your Protect and Serve Hero and the world just how much their service and sacrifice means.

For joining the Gratitude Mission and Operation Protect and Serve, you will receive:

  • A large Gratitude Eagle Medal that is uniquely numbered to your Operation Protect and Serve Hero
  • A small Gratitude Eagle coin with matching number to carry with them forever
  • A personalized and customized Certificate of Appreciation from you with the name of your Protect and Serve Hero and your name as their supporter
  • And finally, a Call To Action to create that heartfelt memory with pictures and video of you honoring your Protect and Serve Hero and sharing it with the world.