Become Our Partner In Giving Back To Our American Heroes

Unlike other charitable organizations, the Gratitude Professor Foundation offers opportunities to for other likeminded nonprofits to generate donations and support for their own causes. In return for support of our mission, our Foundation offers Gratitude Eagle Hero packages and programs that are a “Call to Action” to all who choose to Love, Give, Honor and Serve our brave and selfless American Heroes that have sacrificed and served, and continue to serve our nation and all that it stands for, and the freedom and liberty that we enjoy in these great United States of America. It is our duty to serve those who serve us!

Why Become a Partner With Us?

The Gratitude Professor Foundation has created a unique opportunity for any nonprofit in good standing that supports Active Military, Veterans,Military Families, and First Responders to partner with us in honoring our American Heroes with one of our Gratitude Eagle Hero Program Packages.

What if my organization is not a nonprofit but still wants to be a partner with the Gratitude Professor Foundation and support their cause?

We  welcome  all  organizations  that  wish  to  support  our  efforts  in  giving  back.  The  only  requirement  is  that  you  must  designate  a  qualifying  nonprofit  to  be  the  recipient  of  donations  that  are  generated  by  your  organizations  partner relationship.

How does partnering with the Gratitude Professor Foundation benefit my nonprofit?

When  you  partner  with  our  Foundation  and  help  spread  the  word  about  our  organization  and  programs,  25%  of  the  total  gross  donations  generated  by  your  efforts  are  donated  directly  from  our  nonprofit  to  yours.

How does my nonprofit spread the word and how will we know that we are getting full credit for everyone that we refer that supports one of your programs?

Easy,  when  you  become  a  partner  with  us,  your  registration  creates  a  secure  account  and  we  issue  you  a  unique  program  URL  link  specific  to  your  organization  to  share.  Whenever  someone  uses  that  URL  link  to  access  our  site,  all  transactions  are  automatically  recorded  linked  back  to  your  account  and  you  be  credited  with  25%  of  the  gross  transaction  amount,  not including  shipping  and  handling.  Your  secure  account  gives  you  access  to  all  of  your  account  information,  including  total  number  of  donations,  donation  amounts,  who  made  the  transaction.

How often does the Gratitude Professor Foundation distribute donation to Its nonprofit partners?

Gratitude  Professor  Foundation  reconciles  all  closed  transaction  on  the  last  day  of  each  month  and  checks  are  issued  to  our  partner  organizations  on  the  10th  of  the  following  month.

How are the orders for the Gratitude Eagle Hero Packages fulfilled and delivered?

The  Gratitude  Professor  Foundation  handles  all  order  processing  and  Delivery.

How does Gratitude Professor Foundation protect my donor client?

Gratitude  Professor  Foundation  will  never  directly  market  a  donor  client  that  originated  from  your  nonprofit  organization  without  your  approval.  We  will  keep  all  our  partner  organizations  updated  with  information  on  our  new  programs  and  we  rely  on  you  to  communicate that  information  to  your  constituent  or  obtain  your  written  permission  to  communicate  it  to  them  on  your  behalf.  Should  your  originating  donor  client participate  in  any  of  the  new  offerings,  your  nonprofit  will  receive  full  credit  for  any  subsequent  donation  transactions.

Is there an opportunity for my nonprofit to cobrand with the Gratitude Professor Foundation on the Gratitude Eagle Hero Package Programs?

YES,  for  a  small  molding  fee  and  a  minimum  quantity  of  Hero  Packages,  Gratitude  Professor  Foundation  will  have  the  packages  customized  with  your  corporate  logo  on  all  products  and  marketing  material.