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Larry Miller – Operation Gratitude Eagle’s Hero Of The Day

Commander Janette Arencibia – Operation Gratitude Eagle’s Hero Of The Day
July 8, 2018
August 7, 2018

Larry Miller – Operation Gratitude Eagle’s Hero Of The Day

Larry’s Great Friend Susan McGowan shares this about her Hero

My Hero……Larry “Mac” Miller
Sometimes people just know where their place is in this world and how their special gifts are best shared… An avocation is something that calls to you as it’s never a job, it’s who you are integrally in your daily fold… It’s the mark you make while in the world. It’s how you make the world a better place when you’re in it.
Larry Miller brings a talented mind, heart, and his soul to medicine. He has treated many as a paramedic and firefighter in his early career years, and many more as a Physician’s Assistant in civilian medical environments as well as an officer in the United States Navy and United States Coast Guard. Stateside and in the theater abroad, many can thank Larry for his talented surgical skills. His talents go far beyond the treatment of wounds you can see. He’s, by far, the very best medical advocate I’ve known. If someone is in need of care, pre or post medical treatment, Larry will make sure their needs are realized by the medical profession at large. He educates patients of their rights and his peers as well. His immediate expertise of the working mechanism of the body is matched by his commitment to a patient’s total care. He is active in caring for veterans and is also making a difference in his field of special interest. With expertise in the traumatic brain injury field more great things are to come in assisting our heroes of tomorrow and Larry Miller is a part of those good things to come.

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